The Public Economist Campus Ambassador Program

The Public Economist Campus Ambassador Program

An economist is someone who knows why the things he predicted yesterday did not happen today. The Public Economist aims to provide a platform to budding economists where they can evaluate public policies in the light of efficiency as well as provide critical commentary backed by research and analysis.

What is the Campus Ambassador Program?

TPE is in search of student/s, across the country, who believes in our mission of exploring fresh thoughts on public policy and is willing to spread the same. We are looking for students with the drive to research, analyze and ask the right question/s with the desire to express those thoughts in a balanced manner.

What are you going to do as a Campus Ambassador?

The core function would be community building- a group who would be willing to contribute debate and ask relevant question on our platform. We believe that public policy needs to be made more approachable because at the end of the day, the policies are intended for the general masses.

The Incentives

All of us at TPE understand the importance of trade-offs, so our ambassadors will be treated with some goodies and certificates, of course and most importantly, publishing opportunities with TPE.

If you think you are ready to explore and spread some fresh thoughts in your campus, what are you waiting for? Fill up the application form here. We look forward to hear from India’s future economists.

All the best!


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